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These are some of our favorite places!

Totally Organics

"Organic Bird Food for your companion parrot!" The Byrdbell flock says, "We love our Totally Organic foods! Pellets, sprouted seeds and treats!! Our auntie Gudrun has helped us become the happy, healthy and beautiful birds we are today! We love her!"


Birdy Boredom Busters

Our friends across the border in beautiful Canada! Tracy offers unique and affordable parrot toys and bird toy parts for the distinguished bird! Her designs are not only bird friendly but creative, stimulating and most of all, fun!!! Please take some time to visit her online catalog! Your feathered friend won't be disappointed!

The Bird Channel
Bird lovers unite here! Twenty years of bird keeping and we still consult this site for

Parrot Nation
This blog is hosted by Patricia Sund. Her writings are informative and feature the *how-to* on making chop! This site contains some wonderful recipes as well as hints from the pantry on keeping our birds healthy and happy!

Creative Bird Toys/ Greenfeather Bird Supply
If you are looking for fun and safe enrichment toys for your small animal friends, GFBS offers up a nice selection and the prices are very reasonable. Many parts are certified *Made in the USA* and eco-friendly.

Bird Safe Wood
This is the most extensive list we've found on the web and Mario keeps it updated! We've had the pleasure of living near and working with this company for many years!